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How to arrange the components of the ritualistic platter?

Before actually commencing the ritualistic worship it is important to arrange the tools and other components of the ritualistic platter. From the viewpoint of the Science of Spirituality it is appropriate to arrange them based on the level of the five cosmic elements. This is because such arrangement balances and coordinates the five cosmic elements that are active in the universe. This helps the embodied soul (worshipper) to derive maximum benefit of the 'with attributes'(sagun) and attributeless (Nirgun) frequencies emitted by the Deity. Such arrangement indicates the sojourn of the embodied soul from the Great Illusion (Māyā) to Brahmā associated with the Absolute Earth to the Absolute Ether elements. The components included at every level and their arrangement is explained in detail in 'Part 3 - Vol. 29: Path of Devotion' - 'The Science behind the temple at home and the tools used in ritualistic worship'. An important component at the first level is the ritualistic platter. Click here to read more.

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