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How should a Husband and Wife do Namaskar together?

Marriage means uniting two principles; i.e. the principles of Deity Shiva in the form of the husband and the principle of Goddess Pārvati as His wife. Deity Shiva represents the Will for an action and Goddess Parvati represents Divine Energy. For the successful completion of any action both aspects are required, i.e. the Will for the action and the energy to actually perform it. The Will in the form of Deity Shiva is unmanifest, but it comes alive when it is charged with Divine Energy, which manifests bringing the action to completion.

After marriage both the embodied souls enter the householder's stage. It is very important to obtain the blessings of the elders jointly to perform various activities in life in this stage when the couple is complementary to each other. Thus doing namaskār together, leads to the activation of frequencies of Deity Shiva and Divine Energy from the Universe, which also helps in developing humility in the embodied souls. It also results in the fulfilment of every deed in the householder's stage and yields the desired fruit, leading to a minimal give and take account being generated. That is why after marriage, a couple is required to perform every action together, complying with each other even in a deed like paying Obeisance (namaskar). If a husband and wife have more than 50 percent spiritual level or spiritual emotion towards God then, their doing namaskar together or individually or even mentally will bear the same fruit. That is why instead of the actual deed, the spiritual emotion towards God while performing a deed has extraordinary importance. (namaskar can be paid individually, if the partner is not available. - Editor) Click here to read more.

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