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What are names and function of Deity Datta?

In the era gone by, the demonic energies grew enormously in the gross and subtle forms. Gods' efforts to vanquish them were unsuccessful. Then, under orders from Deity Brahmā, Deity Datta had to incarnate at various places in various forms and destroy the demons. The day of His incarnation is celebrated as 'Datta Jayantī'. - Shree Ganēsh (Through the medium of Bharat Miraje, 8.30 pm on 2.11.2005)

The principle that makes available to an embo-died soul both gross and subtle (i.e. manifest and unmanifest) frequencies of higher or lower Gods and Deities in a shorter time is called Deity Datta or Deity Dattatreya). The very meaning of Deity Datta is the 'One who provides frequencies of Divine consciousness'. - A Scholar (Through the medium of Ms. Anjali Gadgil, 2.54 pm on 7.6.2005)

Other Names of Deity Dattatreya

Avadhūt: The one who controls the eight faculties in the body of an embodied soul and shows it the path to the unmanifest dimension through the manifest dimension. Avadhut is a medium that connects both the manifest form of Deity Datta and His unmanifest form. He is a manifest form (the gross manifestation) of the three principles - Deity Brahmā, Shrīvishnu and Deity Shiva. He is also related to the unmanifest dimension (manifestation of these three principles in the form of light). 'Avadhut ' comes alive with the radiance of Deity Dattatreya.

Digambar: Is the principle which gives company to an embodied soul till it gets Final Liberation in the radiance of the sky, i.e. beyond all the directions.

Shrīpad: 'Shrī' is the never-ending principle of God. The principle that takes an embodied soul to that principle of God or to the Holy Feet of 'Shri' principle is the Deity Datta principle in Shripad.

Shrīvallabh: Deity Datta principle in the form of Shrivallabh protects the Universe from the circular-shaped distressing frequencies that create a fear psychosis, and thus protects the embodied souls. - A Scholar (Through the medium of Ms. Anjali Gadgil, 2.54 pm on 7.6.2005)

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1. Deity Dattatreya - One who provides frequencies of Divine consciousness!
2. Other Names of Deity Dattatreya
3. Function of Deity Dattatreya
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5. Benefit of chanting Deity Dattatreya's Name

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