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Why Pancha-Arati platter should be waved in a full circle?

Q.Why should a Pancha-ārati  plate be waved in a full circle in front of the Deity?

A. When offering Arati using a lamp with five wicks (also called pancha-arti), the platter containing this lit lamp should be waved in a full circle in front of the Deity. This results in a speedy circular movement of Sattva frequencies emitted by the flame of the lamp. These Sattva frequencies then get converted gradually into Raja frequencies. They appear like ripples in the water. A suraksha kavach (protective armour) of these frequencies is formed around the embodied soul of the worshipper offering the Arati and is known as a 'tarang kavach' (lit. 'ripple armour'). The more the spiritual emotion of the worshipper offering the Arati, longer this armour lasts. As his Sattva component is enhanced, he is able to absorb more Divine frequencies from the Universe. This increases his spiritual emotion and he perceives the reflection of his soul in the form of a blue spot of light (also known as ātma-bindu) in front of him and a ripple of Raja frequencies emanating from this atma-bindu.

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