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My door is always open for you

Once in a small town near Venice there lived a young girl called Lisa. As she grew up into a teenager she got into the company of bad girls and boys. She took to bad habits like drinking, smoking and partying. Her pious and loving parents were heartbroken over the behaviour of their only child, but felt helpless. Soon Lisa decided to leave home and went to live in the city where she could enjoy herself even more. As years went by, friends abandoned her, and she became very lonely and sad.
At last she realised her mistake, but then it was too late. Alone, hopeless and friendless, she felt lost and decided to end her life. But even as she thought about suicide, she was driven by a strong urge to visit her childhood home, just once, for the very last time in her life.
She chose a dark night to return home, hoping that she might come away from there, unseen by anyone. To her shock, she found the door of her humble cottage wide open, even in the middle of the night.
Fearing the worst, she called out impulsively, "Mother, mother, are you all right?"
In an instant, her old mother stood in the open doorway. "Welcome home my child," she called. "We knew you would come back to us one day!"
The girl fell at her mother's feet, sobbing uncontrollably. "Ah, mother!" she wept. "I don't deserve your love!"
"It is long since you left us, my dear," said the mother, "But, we have continued to pray for you day and night. ‘Bring her home safely, my God!' we have asked Him again and again. Whether you came by night or by day, we wanted you to see the ever open door of your home, and know that you are always welcome here!"

Moral: Just as a mother forgives and accepts her child regardless of what the child has done, God always keeps His doors open for us. If at any time one feels that one has drifted away from God and has doubts whether it would be possible to regain one's closeness to Him, one should always remember that God's door is always open to us.
Call out to Him, by chanting (repeating) His Name, and He will respond. One should also remember that God's humble hut is much better than the dazzling material world, as this story shows.

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