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A few grains of rice

This story is about a great Saint called Ramana Maharshi. One day, as Ramana Maharshi was strolling in his Ashram, he noticed a few grains of rice lying on the ground near the kitchen. He immediately started collecting all the grains. Seeing that the Saint was carefully picking up the few grains, His devotees were surprised and gathered around Him. They could not believe that the great Saint, who had left His home and worldly ties for the sake of God, cared so much for a few grains of rice. Finally, one of His devotees had the courage to ask Him, Gurudēv, we have many bags of rice in the kitchen. Why do you take the trouble to pick up these few grains?"

The Saint replied, "You see only these few grains of rice, but try to see what has gone into these grains. The hard work of the farmer, who ploughed the field and sowed the seeds, the water of the ocean, the clouds and the rain, the cool air and the warm sunshine, the soft soil and the rice plants. All these have gone into these grains. If you understand this, you will see the hand of God in every grain. So, do not waste them or crush them under your feet. If you do not want to eat them, give them to the birds."

Moral: How many times do we waste things like water, food, paper, etc., that we feel are unimportant! Next time before wasting things or not taking care of what we have, we can remember this story and see the presence of God in all creation.

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