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A young girl's brilliant performance in a competition

Young Maya and Rhea, who were good friends and schoolmates, were selected to represent their school in a public speaking competition. Maya was a shy girl of average intelligence, who regularly chanted (repeated) God's Name and had a lot of faith in it. Rhea was an extroverted and an intelligent girl, with a lot of confidence in herself. Rhea used to regularly participate in various extracurricular activities and had won several such competitions. However, it was Maya's first time in such a competition. From the day of their selection, both the girls started preparing seriously for the public speaking competition.

Finally, the day of the competition arrived and students from many schools came for the competition. Maya and Rhea were scheduled to present their speeches fourth last in the competition. As there was still some time until their turn, they relaxed and leisurely listened to the other students' speeches. While both paid keen attention to the other speakers' speeches, Maya kept chanting (repeating) God's Name.

A few minutes into the competition, a sudden announcement calling Maya and Rhea for the next speech caught the girls' attention. It seemed that there had been a misprint in the schedule, and instead of fourth last, the girls had to speak fourth in the competition, making them the next in turn! The usually confident Rhea became very nervous and panicky, but Maya remained calm and continued to chant God's Name. Focusing on the chant took away her fear, encouraging her to go for the speech with faith. When they gave their speeches, Rhea made some mistakes out of panic, but Maya went on to give a perfect speech, even though it was this shy girl's first time speaking in front of so many people.

Moral: Regular chanting of God's Name helps reduce our fears and builds our faith in God. This helps us remain calm and do well even in difficult situations. To build faith like Maya's, we too, can begin with 5 minutes of chanting immediately after waking up and before going to bed and whenever we remember to chant the rest of the day.

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