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I was the boy!

During a sermon, a pastor narrated the following story of a Sunday school teacher.

The Sunday school teacher began his classes in a very poor area of town. With all good intentions, he brought together the poor children, spoke to them of the love of God and always tried to inspire them to live a beautiful, spiritual life.

One day, noticing the children’s dirty and tattered clothes, he said to them, “I shall get you new clothes. You must wear them every Sunday morning as you come to attend the class.” Sure enough, every boy in the class received a neat, new set of clothes.

On the following Sunday, the teacher found that one of the boys was missing. When he made inquiries he was told that the boy was a gambler and had exchanged his new clothes for money to spend in gambling.

The teacher went out looking for the boy, found him and got him another set of clothes. The boy attended the Sunday class for the next couple of weeks, but disappeared again.

The teacher found out that the boy had again bartered his new clothes and gambled away the money. Yet again, the teacher went up to the boy and spoke to him lovingly, “Forget what happened. Take these new clothes and be regular in attending the Sunday classes.”

The boy kept falling back into his gambling habit; the teacher kept bringing him new clothes and urging him to attend Sunday school. This was repeated not once or twice, but thirteen times. For twelve times, the boy sold the new clothes, but the teacher patiently kept bringing him back to Sunday school and never asked for an explanation.

The thirteenth time, though, the boy was transformed. He no longer went gambling and never missed Sunday school. The boy turned over a new leaf and grew up to be a Christian priest.’

The pastor concluded his sermon saying, “I know this is true, because I was the boy!”

Moral: Regular spiritual practice is a sure way to develop the quality of selfless love and patience like the Sunday school teacher had. Chanting the God’s Name as per one’s religion is a simple, but powerful spiritual practice to develop such unconditional love.

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