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Power of Satsang

Saint Dharamdas, a Saint from India, had a very rich brother. On his death, his son inherited a vast fortune, which he began to while away on worldly pleasures. Soon, he fell into bad company and began to waste his life and fortune on bad habits.

One day, Saint Dharamdas came to visit His nephew. Even in the presence of his Saintly uncle, the nephew continued to indulge in bad habits, such as smoking and drinking. The Saint felt sad for His nephew, but did not say anything. The next morning, the Saint was about to take leave of His nephew. As He put on His footwear, suddenly His nephew came forward and said, “Dear uncle! Let me tie Your laces!”

As he bowed at his Uncle’s feet to tie the laces, a teardrop fell from the Saint’s eyes onto the nephew’s forehead. As soon as this happened, the nephew was transformed!

He fell at his Uncle’s feet and started crying in repentance for his bad ways. He pleaded with the Saint to shower His grace and compassion upon him and to accept him as a devotee. By the grace of Saint Dharamdas, the nephew turned from his bad ways and started leading a spiritual life.

Moral: Such is the power of satsang, or Holy company! Even if one does not have the opportunity of being in the company of Saints, regularly attending the satsang of other seekers purifies one and ensures smooth spiritual practice.

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