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Hinduism stages of life in attaining the four pursuits

The word 'āshram' (आश्रम) has been derived from the root 'shram' (श्रम्) which means to make efforts. The meaning of the derived word 'ashram' is, a state in which one makes efforts on one's own. 

Righteousness (Dharma), wealth (artha), desire (kāma) and the Final Liberation (Moksha) [धर्मार्थकाममोक्ष] are the four pursuits (purushārtha) of human life according to the Bhaartiya (Indian) culture. The system of 'stages of life' (ashrams) explained in the Vēdic religion is the principal means of attaining them. When explaining the duties to be performed in the various stages of life, the lifespan of man has been considered as 100 years and has been divided into four parts. Each part is called a stage (ashram). Click here to read more.

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