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Why are mango leaves kept in the kalash during puja ritual?


Every religious ritual of Hindu Dharma consists of various components. Every component has its own significance and these components have their own special design that is the shape, height and breadth of every component is fixed or unique. The reason underlying such a design is that the every component should be able to absorb the Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) present in the atmosphere. Besides the objective of spiritual science or scriptures is to make that component conducive and complimentary for the man to receive the Divine consciousness.

When we see around with this point of view we find that people do perform pujā and mental worship (upāsanā); they do have spacious temple rooms in their home but since their actions or rituals are not according to spiritual science due to ignorance, they do not get the desired benefit. Therefore in the case of worship, action at  every level starting from temple room has to be according to spiritual science. It is essential that our temple room be sāttvik. As far as possible it should be made up of teakwood and its colour should be wooden. The orientation of temple room should be in east-west direction. There should be no kalash (a small dome shaped structure with a pointed end) above it. We have to take into consideration all these factors. Click here to read more.

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