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Why are puja articles arranged in specific five layers?

The spiritual benefit of clean articles is beneficial for awakening of spiritual emotion. In the same fashion the proper arrangement of them also gives us spiritual benefit. Nowadays we see that these pujā articles are kept anywhere on the right or left side according to our convenience. But this is not correct according to spiritual science. The expected spiritual benefit will not accrue if we keep articles as per our wish.

arrangement of puja articles

There are five layers of arrangement of the puja articles. What are these layers and what is the desired place for each article is shown in this diagram. If we look from the top then the arrangement of articles would appear in five layers like this. The first layer consists of plate for offerings (naivēdya) and another for puja. The second layer consists of Kaalash (water pot), Jalpaatra (a cylindrical pot for water) and Āchmani (a spoon meant for performing āchaman - siping of water).

According to the drawing we just saw, the worshipper should keep the copper platter in the front and kalash to the left of it and jalpatra and achamani to the right of it. These articles are all related to the water element and hence water from these articles is used for various sub-rituals of puja. Now we let us see the third layer of arrangement of these articles.

As shown in this diagram āratī plate containing camphor and oil-lamp should be kept on the left side of worshipper and incense sticks and nirānjan (a type of lamp) to his right. A coconut is kept in the center right in front of Deity image. Fourth layer has conch (shankh) on the left side of worshipper and a bell on the right side. In the fifth layer keep two long lamps of equal height on both sides of temple room. These lamps are generally of metal brass.

Now the question arises as to why such an arrangement of five layers? Click here to read more.

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