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Sattvik diet: Benefits of ghee made from cow's milk

Some of the examples of ttvik food are milk, ghee, rice, various kinds of fruits, vegetables etc. The ghee made from cow milk added to the food served, purifies it and imparts greasiness to the body.

One of the most important constituents of vegetarian diet is ghee. A subtle-picture of ghee made from cow’s milk is given below:

Benefits of ghee made from cow's milk

  • As the ghee made from cow’s milk is sattvik, the flow of Divine principle is attracted to it.

    • A ring of Divine principle is created and activated in the ghee.

  • Flow of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) is attracted to the ghee.

    • Through this flow, a ring of Chaitanya is created in the ghee and is activated.

    • Particles of mild Chaitanya are also created in the ghee.

    • A protective sheath of Chaitanya is created around the ghee.

    • Particles of Chaitanya are spread in the environment by the ghee made from cow’s milk.

  • A ring of Chaitanya-filled Divine Energy (Shakti) of the Deity Shrī Dhanvantari is created and is activated.

    • Particles of Divine Energy are also created and spread in the ghee.

Ghee contains Divine principle and Chaitanya. Hence it is protected from negative energies. However use of synthetic substances in the preparation of ghee or preparing it in a distressing environment, may attract negative energies from the environment to it.

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