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Why is kumkum offered to Shri Durgadevi?

In the ritualistic worship of Dēvī (Divine energy) use of haldī and kumkum have special importance. The kumkum is offered to Devi while chanting her mantra for thousand names. This is known as kumkumārchan. Pure kumkum is prepared from haldi itself. Pure haldi powder is mixed with decanted solution of lime (chuna) and little pure camphor and we get pure kumkum. We can identify haldi by its fragrance but once kumkum is ready haldi loses its fragrance completely. A new Divine fragrance is developed in the kumkum and it then spreads all over for a certain distance. Thus, the kumkum has a special spiritual significance because of its property of constant emission of Shakti and Chaitanya. Click here to read more.

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