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What is the significance of worshipping Shakti during nine days of Navratri ?

The word asur is derived from ‘असुषु रमन्ते इति असुर: |’, meaning ‘the one who remains engrossed only in enjoying life and in the indulgence of pleasure of the objects is an asur (demon)’. Such a Mahishasur is present in each human heart. And he has taken control over internal Divine qualities of the human being. It is necessary to perform pūjā of Deity Shakti to become free from the trap of Mahishasur, by realising the illusory form of this Mahishasur. Therefore, Deity Shakti should be worshipped in the nine days of Navrātra. This victory is celebrated on the day of Dashamī and is called Dussehra. Click here to read more.

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