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How does the growing of Tulsi help in making premise pleasant?

A premise (vāstu) refers to an open space enclosed by four walls irrespective of whether it has a roof. The presiding Deity of this place is called the Deity of the premise. Frequencies within a premise are not perceived outside it. For instance a subtle fragrance in a room is not experienced outside the threshold of that room.

According to this science the Deity of a premise is referred to as the Vāstupurush. In this context Vastupurush means the soul of the premise. It manifests in a specific gentle manner and has nine sensitive points. They should not be traumatised, that is appropriate frequencies should be present there. Mandal refers to an outline or a heavenly (subtle) design. The territory of a Deity of a premise (Vastupurushmandal) is constituted by the land, the Deity of the premise and the mandal. In other words it is the imprint of demons who have fallen on the ground. (Generally since a premise is Raja-Tama predominant the form of energy in it is akin to that of demons, not Deities.) In the text Taittiriya Sanhita this is termed as yadnyatanu meaning the body (tana) of the sacrificial fire (yadnya). It is also termed as the Universal Being (Vishvapurush). From the architectural point of view the territory of a Deity of a premise has the following three layers.

  • The great Absolute ether (Mahā  Ākāsh): The Absolute ether existing in the entire Universe

  • Absolute ether in a house (Gruha Akash): The space enclosed within four walls and a roof

  • Absolute ether in a pot (Ghata Akash): The space enclosed in a vessel. The human body has also been referred to as a vessel.

These three layers of Absolute ether should be concordant and proportionate. Ultimately the space taken from the great Absolute ether, that is the house where one lives and works should have a definite proportion.

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